News Caster är en kvinnlig nyhetsreporter som hörs i Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, hon rapporterar händelser, spelaren får veta mer om en del av händelser i vissa uppdrag.


  • ...and less than a day after the televised execution of deposed Arab leader Yasir Al-Fulani, US Marines stationed on high alert in the Persian gulf were given the order to invade the small but oil rich nation. His successor Khaled Al-Asad conducted the high profile execution personally on national television, accusing Al-Fulani of placing foreign interests ahead of those of his countrymen. While the exact time and location of the American operation have been withheld for security reasons, the US Secretary of Defense stated that the forces deployed would be significant, and that Al-Asad would not be permitted to further destabilize the region through military expansionism.

Hörs på en i ett vakthus i början av Blackout. Kan även höras i E3-trailern.

  • After heavy fighting today, U.S. Marines began to push into the capital city, where Al-Asad is making his last stand. Fighting has intensified in the capital city. Anti-aircraft fire and burning buildings light the night.

En nyhetsrapporter i början av en sekvens i The Bog.

  • ...heavy fighting continued throughout the night as U.S. Marines continued to push towards the capital city in pursuit of Khaled Al-Asad. Sporadic fighting can be heard as the bulk of Al-Asad's forces fall back towards the Presidential Palace.

En nyhetsrapporter i början av en sekvens i War Pig.

  • The Russian government released a statement today, confirming a series of nuclear missile tests in central Russia. Although world leaders were quick to denounce the action, Russian officials maintained that the missile test fell well within established U.N. protocols. No comment was received from the Ultranationalist Party, where rumors of a possible leadership struggle has just begun to surface. In other news, the search for a ship lost in the Bering Strait due to a major storm has been called off...

En nyhetsrapporter i slutet av Game Over.

  • The Russian government released a statement today confirming the death of Imran Zakhaev. According to several reliable witnesses, the Ultranationalist leader, who started the brutal war in Russia, was killed while attempting to evade Loyalist troops at a safehouse in Grosme.

Oanvänd ljudfil som skulle nämnts i slutet av Game Over om Imran Zakhaevs död.

  • The ship carrying a large supply of luxury automobiles went missing six days ago after having drifted off course in a category five storm.

Oanvänd ljudfil som skulle nämnts i slutet av Game Over om fartyget i Crew Expendable.

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